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Choosing the best Hosting for WordPress

Depending on the size, traffic and needs of your website you may be interested in one type of hosting or another, but I have already told you that the vast majority of people who start an online project need a shared hosting.
Anyway, here are the available options:
Free hosting: Unless you only use it to test, I do not recommend it. It only has the advantage of the price, in practice they are not a viable option for a serious project.
Shared hosting: Several websites are hosted on the same server, resources are shared by the different hosted sites, so the performance of your page can be affected by the behavior of others.

If this service is provided by a good provider you can receive a relatively high number of visits without you noticing any problems. You should not suffer a drop in performance until over 1000 visits a day, in some cases the traffic supported is even higher, so to begin I assure you that you have plenty of this type of accommodation.
Again, I recommend you to be careful w…

How to Get Impossible Backlinks

One of the biggest problems that we usually have in SEO is the constant search for quality links, to help us move up in Google.
Many have our "base" for positioning projects, but finding those 7-8 high quality links from sites with a lot of authority, it is often a problem.
In this post I'll explain some little tricks to get links on sites of great authority and power, for free ... and besides get these links, you can give thanks for putting them on.
Sounds weird, right?
Here we go.

1. Customer Reviews
All businesses love to praise them.
If you are a business customer, product, etc. .. and this site has a section of "customer comments" or "customer testimonials", do not hesitate a minute. Write them and tell them how pleased you are with your product / service / customer service and tell them you love them know the rest of the people who visit your site. The probability that you publish your testimony and you put a link is high!
Why? Because those comments pl…

Facebook Page Trick

This is a little trick I learned a few months ago. No big deal, but it is quite useful if you ever want to know how many times a website has been shared on Facebook.
To do this, simply put this address into your browser:
... and replace the part in bold on the website that you want to analyze.
You will get a very basic interface, but will tell you exactly how many times a website has been shared on Facebook in recent weeks ..

More twitter followers and Facebook friends

One of the questions I get asked often is how you can get many followers on Facebook or Twitter.

There are several ways to get quick and easy. Here are the one I use and have always given me a very good result:

1. Go and pages. Here you can get thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, etc.. for only 5 to 10 €. Not all the fans who get here are "real." Some are automated bots. But if you're looking to impress with the total number of followers, then you do not care if all are real or not.

2. If you're looking for real followers for your online store, then I would recommend signing up on sites like or
Here you can hire a drawing for one of your products, you get hundreds (even thousands) of followers to your website. The good thing with this type of fan is that they are all 100% real and very active on your Facebook wall.

Selling Links

What type of sites are best for link selling?

If you have a site that has a nice pagerank, has been around for 3 or more years and ranks well for several keywords your website is an ideal prospect to sell links. Of course, the higher your pagerank the more you can charge for your links. Sadly, buyers base 90% of what they are willing to pay on pagerank – but give me a nice HTML PR5 contextual text link rather than a oversold PR9 footer text link anyday.

Many sites are strong authority sites in their niche, but really don’t field enough impressions to make decent money with traditional banner ads or JavaScript contextual ads. However, these same sites can make several thousand dollars a year selling links.

I have worked with webmasters that were making nothing off of their websites, and have taken them to $4K -$10K per month in less than a year. I laugh when I see a post on one of the SEO forums where someone brags that the finally hit $20 a month with adsense and there next milestone is…

SEO Optimized Blogger template - Download Free

Just after my exams spent almost 4 hours doing a new professional template for you guys. The new template i am about to provide was used alone by me. So got the copy of it and made a lots of adjustments for further SEO optimization.

Note: Remove your blog description before installing this template. If you don't remove it the blog header will look bad, therefore make sure you remove the description of the blog.

1. I have added my blog header picture here so replace your blog header pic with the picture "Addicted Online". Search for this URL and replace it with your blog pic.

2. Your Adsense or top banner ads here. For some reason the text is shown below the pic but once your add your ad code you should see it on right free space.

3. This automatically fetches the post title and the URL and allows your readers to link to your page if you got some quality content and also your homepage.

4. Here it generates simil…

Monetize through CPALead with your entertainment blog

Hi all, i did not get to update this blog for a very long time since i was very busy with my studies. But in the mean time i was searching methods and ways to monetize from blogs. So after reading for a good long time i came up with CPA, which stands for Cost Per Action.

I recently signed up with and had very good success with it. I had one of my movie blog which had a descent traffic between 200 to 300 a day and with that traffic i installed a content gateway. Which means your web page content will be blocked untill your a survey is filled. Once a user fills in a survey you will recieve a commission which is called a lead.

With that traffic in a month i got 85$. If your a blogger who is having a entertainment blog you should check this CPA network

Remember if you want to signup do have a descent traffic and good page views in order to be accepted if not you could be denied. Best of Luck.

Sign Up with