How to Get Impossible Backlinks

How to Get Impossible Backlinks

Thursday, October 4, 2012 | Tags: ,
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One of the biggest problems that we usually have in SEO is the constant search for quality links, to help us move up in Google.

Many have our "base" for positioning projects, but finding those 7-8 high quality links from sites with a lot of authority, it is often a problem.

In this post I'll explain some little tricks to get links on sites of great authority and power, for free ... and besides get these links, you can give thanks for putting them on.

Sounds weird, right?

Here we go.

1. Customer Reviews

All businesses love to praise them.

If you are a business customer, product, etc. .. and this site has a section of "customer comments" or "customer testimonials", do not hesitate a minute. Write them and tell them how pleased you are with your product / service / customer service and tell them you love them know the rest of the people who visit your site. The probability that you publish your testimony and you put a link is high!

Why? Because those comments plus give them a confidence to businesses for other customers, and also if that comment is accompanied by a link to a website, it automatically makes it more credible.

Conclusion: Do not be fooled by appearances. Many companies, however great they may be, are looking forward to receiving positive comments about them, and you will be glad that link if you ask. Moreover ... in many cases, end up thanking you for it.

Good places to put links:

  • Any page you work with often
  • Websites that use tools (plugins, managers of all types, analysis tools, etc..)
  • web templates
  • Transportation agencies with which you work

2. Universities

One of the best links you can get to your site, is a link from a university. Google relies heavily on universities, and a link from these sites usually have a little more strength than a normal site.

How to get links from universities?

Very simple.

There is a program called "University Card," which is like a student discount.

If you contact the universities that are part of this program and will offer a special discount on your online store, for students who have that particular card, you can get, very simple.

3. Showcase

What are the "Showcase"?

They teach us that any particular feature pages. For example, if your website is made with a WooThemes template, then you could send it to listen WooThemes for that in your "projects made with our templates".

There are hundreds of pages of this type where you could submit your site. Here are some:

  • CSS Mania
  • CSS Showcase
  • Awwwards
  • Etc ... etc ..
I hope this little trick helps you to get links.

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