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How to increase traffic to your blog or website?

Recently i was very annoyed of getting very few traffic to my blog. Well the reason was because my blog was pretty much new and yep patience is required in that case. After reading several articles, reviews, videos and many i was just the same and did not get any satisfactory answers. In fact there were answers which were dealing with junk and fake traffic which were really much of a shit list to me. So i started to think and went through busy webmaster forums and found certain points very interesting and started to implement this test in one of my old blog and guess what in a month my traffic source were massive and just doubled the unique visits.

So here i am ready to share some great ideas and points you should practice if your really lacking with traffic.

How to drive traffic to your blog or website?

  1. Competition and Giveaways: Every month try to give some life to your blog or website by designing some sort of a competition and giveaways. For instance you may want to giveaway the latest album of Madonna to the top 10 commentators. If your blog or website is new it is obvious that people noticing about your program is very few, in that case go to a busy forum and tell about your new program. Trust me this really works.
  2. Write Guest Post: There are several bloggers out there who are searching for guest posts to be made by outsiders. Involve in this opportunities because once you've made an interesting post on a blog that has an an average traffic, the readers of your guest post are sure to turn onto you. A technique that i want to share on this guest post method is, i know there may be some like me who are lazy to make guest post because the time and effort of making an article is a pain on ass. If your thoughts were as mine what i would do is get down an article written and use an article re-writer software and create 50 unique articles and use them to guest post. One best software i would use is Power Article Re-writer.
  3. Ask for Website Reviews: There are lots of webmaster forum you can log into like Digitalpoint, Webmaster-talk, Warriorforum and etc and go to website review sections and place your blog or site and pretend to ask some serious questions to induce people to turn into your site or blog. By chance if your blog or site is what those reviewer want to hang on and bang there is one follower. Try as much as you can to post for website reviews. I once made three hundred unique visits per day out of 12 forum.
  4. Video hosting: Video hosting is one very effective method of increasing your traffic and sometimes it could generate thousands of visits easily if you are a good video optimizer. I will later publish a post on how you could optimize a video to increase traffic but in simple terms to drive traffic from video hosting try using some competitive niche like games, music, movie trailers and etc. When your video hosting always remember to watermark those videos with your URL. Don't worry if you don't understand this concept, i will later on publish a post on this.
  5. Yahoo Answers: Yahoo answers is one very good way to drive traffic to your blog or site. How you better use this to your advantage is, once you made a post on any category search Yahoo answers for unresolved questions on similar post and answer the question and place the link of your new post indicating the answer is towards the link or anything that would induce others to click on the URL. Sites similar to Yahoo answers are Dizzay, Askville, Helpglobe, Wikianswers and Askpedia.

These are 5 best ways you could try to increase your traffic reach to your blog or site. You could also use the below techniques and tips to promote your blog or site for traffic
  • Have social bookmarking icons placed on top and the bottom of your web-page
  • Add a "Recommend this site", "Tell a friend" and "Link to this page" widget to your blog or site
  • Have a subscription box
  • Make forum posts mentioning about your quality article
  • Post on Classifieds
  • For quality traffic finally put your best efforts and work on SEO.


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