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What Are The Ways Of Building Links?

If you go through webmaster or SEO forums you’ll for sure come across several of this or similar questions posted how can I build links? What are the ways of building links? Building links is nevertheless has always been a time consuming implementation for any webmasters or SEO guys. Having said that it makes no wonder that link building has always been a important criteria to promote or rank your blog or website.

I will not like others give the same old way of building links but also will help you understand some other new ways and the secret techniques on how you could build links; therefore I will divide this topic “the ways of building links” onto two different ways
1. Conventional way of link building
2. Great ways of link building

Conventional way of building links

Article Submission and Press release

You would have read these two methods of building links in almost all the places and still I should strongly recommend you and yet ask you to use this method of building links. The reason for me to say this method still works and is one better way is because
You are sure to promote your business to your targeted audience
Quality and Niche Links
An average amount of traffic

Blog Commenting

This is another method you would probably know and the best part of blog commenting is that your effort to harvest for niche or keyword related links are of great deal.

Link swap or Link exchange

Most of us nowadays involve in this method of generating links and there are several sites that offer this service by means of having a online community for people to discuss and arrange for link swap or link exchanges. Alternatively you also could contact other webmasters in order to have this arrangement. But beware this method of building links has been notified imperfect by search engines like Google. In most cases when your building links try to avoid 1 hop links.

Social bookmarking

This is another good and a better way of building links and one the advantage of having these links are
Traffic to your website or blog
Your pages are crawled by search engines quickly
Great for site or blog indexing

Cross Linking

Cross linking is also one conventional method of link building and it is not widely used by webmasters. To do cross linking it is usually done by other website or blog you own. In simple terms you interlink your owning websites or blogs.

Other ways of building links
Directory submissions
Forum posting and signatures
Guest book posting
Classified Posting
Feed Submission

Great ways of link building

Web 2.0 Article Marketing

This is similar to article submission but is far more effective than article submission. This method of building link has proven far better than article submission is because
Good amount of targeted traffic
Quality and niche links
Your articles are sure to be posted
Any amount of links could be submitted nor like article submission
Works as a community network

Profile Linking

Profile linking may be old but always been a great way of building links than other method. Profile linking can be done in various software versions of forums, in social bookmarking sites, Community sites and etc. Though profile linking lacks the advantage of generating niche links it is one way that I most of the time use. The reasons for using this method
Easy to search for forums or sites to create a profile and place link at
Getting .gov and .edu links has always been a pain on ass but not this time

Yahoo Answers

A yahoo answer is one of the golden ways of building links. Though it does not allow you place anchoring links, it has always supported me to generate niche links and a good amount of traffic.

Competitor Analysis

Your site or blog will have a competitor ranking better than you. Analyze and harvest the places where they are getting links from and then you start placing links where they have generated links from. To harvest links use yahoo explorer or backlinkwatch.

Link Bait

Link bait can be implemented in different ways and this method will allow you to generate links to your pages automatically by your audience. There are several ways of link bait techniques and some of them are

1. Template creation

If you’re a web designer and have a very good knowledge in html, xml and other template creation tools and scripts you are sure to have the advantage of link bait. Once you have designed a template try placing a link to your site or blog at the footer section of your template and submit your templates to template hosting services of distribute it via your site or blog.

2. Software Creation

If you’re a programmer you could design a bot or a small program and distribute them. There are several sites that allow you to distribute your applications for free and once you have application hosted you could add a link back to your site or blog.

3. Other easy ways of link bait
Design a picture and host them to flickers
Publish articles that would really entertain your visitors

Hope this post made some awareness and understanding towards link building. The mentioned ways of link building are some basic and few ways as a beginner you will be able to work on generating links. Do subscribe with us and receive future updates more on to Link building and SEO.


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